Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mount Pleasant

Always a good sunset from the parent's house
 I took the kids over to Utah to spend a few days at their Grandparents before our reunion at Bear Lake. The first couple of days the kids were hardly seen. They would spend most of their time playing in Grandpa's studio, mostly the plasma cars into huge piles of boxes. If they weren't in the studio they would be out on the property "exploring" or downstairs playing. They didn't even ask to watch any movies. Then my mom and I got watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and they loved joining us for half of the episodes.

Thursday night I was able to drive up to Spanish Fork for my final Pathways gathering. I would have a gathering the next week but wouldn't attend while I was at Bear Lake. It was a little sad to miss the last two gatherings with my crew in Colorado. I have been with them every week for a year. It was amazing to finish! In some ways the year has flown by. I am really excited to move onto BYU-I online. My degree is transferred and my future graduation is mapped out. One year down, and trying not think of all the years ahead. I have been very glad to do it, surprised by my own dedication and my time that has been expanded by the Lord.

 By Sunday Marci and the kids had come over. Monday Marci and I spent the entire day for meal prep for Bear Lake. We made food lists, including my Dad's for the big group meal, went shopping, and then spent rest of the day cooking and baking in the kitchen. That was a giant 10 lb roll of meat, plus another 5 lb one, we cooked up for Thursday's meal.

Tuesday was Pioneer Day, blessed Utah holiday that my kids rarely experience. We went to the neighboring town of Fairview for the small town parade in the morning. 

On her own, Audrey put her hand on her heart for the flag.

Making wantons with the kids.
 That night my Dad and I took the boys to the Demolition Derby. What an interesting time. Three or four rounds of old beat up cars running into each other until they no longer work. The boys had a lot of fun. Near the end the rain was nearly pouring. We held out because we wanted to see the fireworks. It cleared up right at the end.

Wednesday morning we started our way up to Bear Lake. We made a stop to meet up with Camille for a quick bite in Logan.

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