Saturday, November 25, 2017


Tuesday, after we did the big Costco run, we went down to Mount Pleasant. Thursday we went up to Provo to have Thanksgiving with the greater Knell clan. Mark and Julie had connections to get us this really neat place, the Startup Building, that was big enough for all of us, and was super classy. Most of my family members were resistant to wanting to join the big clan as we were at about 90, including the kids. I was super happy to see the extended family. It was fun for the kids to play with other extended cousins as well. Pro and con would be that we didn't have to prepare a ton of food, but then we also didn't get the leftovers.
Cousin Liz captured this beautiful picture.

The table settings were just beautiful.

Uncle Abe

Aunt Julie, who organized it all.

One of the kids table.

Aunt Claudia and her boyfriend Joe.

Levi was having fun using his new fancy iphone to take some good pictures, especially some portrait ones.

This is a classic Dad face. I think he gives it a lot to the kids.

Warren with Claude and Henry, both his age.

We stand around chatting to the very end. We hate to leave each other.

These boys found it fun to "sweep" the floor.

The rest of the time in Mount Pleasant was chill. The kids absolutely loved their time at Grandma's with the cousins, and there was hardly any squabbling. They were the most sad when their cousins went to their other side of the family on Friday. My dad and I then took them to see the new movie, Coco in Ephraim.

Audrey being sneaky in trying to get more cream, while eyeing to see if Marci would stop her. 

Flashback to Mom wearing this shirt four years ago and having this same soda explode on her, not this time though.

Pumpkin pie is the one leftover we did have. Audrey eating pie with Grandma.

It was so beautiful out, the kids were outside a lot. Audrey requested Eva to paint her fingernails.

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