Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

We managed a pretty decent family picture by Raylynn's apartment, just before church.

We were glad to find a weekend to make our way up to Miles City. Danny and Camille were headed that way, so we decided to come too and make a mini reunion out of it. We left Thursday evening and made our way to Gillette. The next morning we stopped at Devils Tower before heading to Montana. Devils Tower was our country's first national monument. I didn't know anything about it before we got there. So much, that I didn't even pack proper hiking things-shoes or carrier. It was an easy enough hike that we managed. Audrey walked the first part well and then I piggy backed her the rest. What a neat piece of nature! The family photo doesn't include the tower behind us because apparently the stranger I asked to take it didn't find that part important.
Kids had their own room and tv in the hotel. They thought it was so cool. So did we. We also loved breakfast, then swimming, then second breakfast before we hit the road.

We enjoyed the rest of our weekend with family. We played games, yard sales, movies, backyard swimming, musicale FHE, yummy desserts, rock painting and finding, museum and more!

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