Thursday, July 6, 2017

Midsummer's night's dream?

The middle of our summer was swim lessons, Grandma's visit and cousin takeover sleepover. Once we brought my mom back with us we managed to keep her here for three weeks. The first two weeks we had daily swim lessons that seemed to usurp a lot of time. We also had Hannah and Tyler and kids in town. We managed to steal a couple days out their week here with Stoehrs. They all came and watched Luke's last baseball game, just the adult ladies went to watch Calvin's, and that night we had a group date to see Wonder Woman.

Grandma also got time with the kids one night while Grant and I had date night to the temple, a whole day while I was at girls camp for the day, and a morning while the sisters went thrift store shopping.

Audrey loved her Grandma time. She spent a lot of time climbing and playing with Grandma in this very spot. She would wake up in the morning and immediately ask where Grandma was.
We managed a family bike ride before all the Stum kids came. We hit up a couple of open houses to share with my friend Sarah looking in our area.
Sunday holiday wear.
The third week we had the Stum kids join us. We managed a really good time. We crafted flag tees for the holiday as part of FHE the night before.

 The morning of the 4th we went to our stake breakfast. Grandma was an asset in taking Eva to urgent care that morning due to a urinary tract infection. We all hung out at the church as the last ones there hitting softballs with Steve Stoehr. We even managed to have Anna and Olivia hit some balls for possibly the first time in their lives. I also had a nail painting marathon and did stars and stripes on

That evening we managed to make a pretty sweet biker gang to ride over to the fields for the fireworks. This is becoming my new favorite tradition. Since we had the extra kids I borrowed a double trail a bike from a friend so I that I could pull both Luke and Owen behind me. Warren, Olivia and Anna rode their own bikes, and Grant pulled Calvin and Audrey in the trailer. Eva stayed back with Grandma due to her need to be near a bathroom, fear of riding the trail a bike and fear of being too close to the fireworks. She was the perfect companion to watch down the street with Grandma. She even got my mom to sit down in the grass, and she made it back up all by herself! Miracle. We rode back with all our headlamps and glow sticks on. So fun!
The sunset over the park, lots of people and the lake was so pretty.
The next day we managed some park time, but didn't last long as it was hot!
My mom took the train home the next day. That day I took all eight kids to our group hike and in the afternoon to the pool. That night they got an outdoor movie in the backyard. Cousin week was a success.

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