Saturday, May 9, 2020

Quarantine: Week Seven and Eight

Week Seven: Life started to open up a little more around Colorado. There was definitely more traffic. I went to CFK with Lisa and we stopped by the business center Costco down there. I hadn't waited in line at this point, so it was strange. They limit how many enter at a time and require a mask. I had been about half and half about the mask wearing in public up to this point.

I also had another chiropractor appointment this week. I had kept my other one a couple weeks earlier as well. We decided I needed to do more with the physical therapist, so I had an appointment with her a few days later. I am not necessarily in pain with my shoulder, but it is still a naggy soreness since the weird twerk/tear in early February. 

The kids had a school parade. All the teachers had a car parade through all the neighborhoods of the school. I was kinda annoyed as we waited on the curb by the park for about 45 minutes longer than they had given for a scheduled time. I was glad we stuck with it. They had a police escort with their sirens. I got strangely emotional with tears down my cheeks as the many teachers that have had my children in their classrooms. To see them and their love and excitement was touching. They really have done their best under these circumstances, in teaching the kids, putting material online, zoom meetings, and checking in with me to make sure my kids are okay when they don't show up in the meetings. I think it was also a testament to what social isolation does. It was good to be seen, for my kids to be seen, in person. I have been able to get out and see my friends safely and go to stores etc, but the kids haven't at all.

I loved cowboy Calvin during piano lessons this week.

That Sunday it was good to go over to the Stoehrs for dinner. The kids had been dying for cousin time. They have been face timing a lot during all of this. 

Week Eight: This week felt busy. It was interesting how an appointment a day or more, felt so busy compared to what we have had! Monday I took Audrey and Warren to the pediatrician. They had well child checks and got their vaccines they both needed for school next year. That afternoon Grant and I went to Miss Patti's to pick up Audrey's May preschool stuff. I then took Grant to the business center Costco as he had not been yet. 
They had masks for us to wear at the pediatrician. They checked our temperature. We might have been the only other kids there.

I let her wear her high heels, as she hasn't had a chance yet. This was her first time really out of the house.

Tuesday I had another PT appointment, then got take out lunch with my lady friends.
Wednesday I volunteered at CFK and then took the kids swimming at the Lara's pool. Warren and Grant also had appointments for their braces.
Thursday was a deep clean of the house. I wanted it sufficiently clean, more than picked up, before we went out of town.
Friday the kids and I packed up and drove to Utah.
Saturday Grant drove to Montana.
This week Grant also did a six day fast. He was sufficiently cleansing and giving his body a break. We had been on low carb/ no sugar for about three weeks. He ended it Thursday night after stomach acid was bothering him too much, and it would give him two days to ease into food before eating in MT.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Quarantine: Week Five and Six

Week Five: This was my official week break between semesters. I read To Kill a Mockingbird, and I'm not sure what else got done that week. (Oh, I know, I got got up on this blog! I even printed one of the books!) Life started to feel extra surreal and days blending into weeks and truly losing track of the date and the day. I think school helped me keep track of the days, so when I didn't have deadlines, it all became blurry. Our schedules and routines all but fell away, except the kids remembering their screen time hour. They did manage to wake up first thing and get their school work done. It was also this week that Grant and I decided we had better attack our health. No more quarantine baking. We cut sugar out for the two of us. We also got about a foot of snow one day, which added to hunkering down feeling. 

Audrey's choice of outfit when there is a foot of snow outside.

She got materials and video instructions from Miss Patti. April was solar systems month.

Week Six: We started to really feel over it at this point. It was time to get out and breathe, more than a walk around the park. The Stoehrs came over for driveway visit, which was nice to see them.

We headed to the hardware store and Grant started to get a lot of work done on the yard, including fixing the pond. We started with spring clean of debris and muck of the backyard and pond. Warren also started his mowing job at our friends rental by the park. 
I volunteered with April and Lisa at Colorado Feeding Kids. It's a nonprofit that we have volunteered as a family. They needed more help during this crazy time, as families need to be fed and their packing events have to be covid protocol, and they were not getting as many volunteers as usual. Turns out that those hours would then qualify for one of my classes that also started that day, so I would volunteer two more times the next couple of weeks. 
I didn't take a picture, but I went on a nice, needed walk with Jan and Lisa. Jan is the introvert, and when she reaches out, you know we are all feeling it. 

It was our 13th anniversary that weekend. We had another social distant, camp chair, take out date with our good friends chatting for a few hours. That's about as exciting as it gets these days. I didn't manage to take a picture of us, but I did of my eyelashes to show my sisters, lol. Probably one of three times wearing makeup the last two months, so at least I got dressed up for our anniversary.
The next day we went for a long Sunday drive with all the kids. (Grant has been taking a lot more drives regularly than the rest of us. Occasionally one of the kids will join him). We stopped at some rocks to hike up for a minute.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Quarantine: Week Three and Four

Week Three: We got back into our schedule with class time. Teachers had Monday off to plan and class work is assigned Tuesday-Friday. We started piano lessons via zoom for Calvin and Luke on Monday mornings. The kids were mostly getting the hang of doing the work on their own, and asked questions occasionally. We had General Conference at the end of the week and continued baking things like cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie.
The Primary delivered conference packets with apostle flash cards.

Week Four: I finished up my classes mid week. Grant had a super busy week with work wrapping up the quarter. I got annoyed that as the whole world was slowed down and deadlines moved, that they were still cramming so much into four days. He went into the office a couple of days. I joined our friends one night for an outdoor, camping chair, take out, social distanced conversations. 

Calvin decided it was time to cut off his long locks.

We watched the nest build in our front screen door wreath.

This was our museum art recreation. Rosemary challenged the extended Knell family, and we counted it for their art credit that day. 
Warren was not happy to participate, mostly because he hated that the coat was too big for him. He wrote this sign that he wanted to hold up during the picture. It's a good thing the kid he was enacting had a sour face already.
I was baking and cooking more than I have for a long time. Partly due to the fact that we didn't eat out, but also because I just had more time. Maybe not more time, but more brain space that it didn't feel like such a burden.

 Easter Weekend/Warren's Birthday

Warren requested Five Guys burgers for lunch and steak and pasta for dinner. He was a happy camper. Though, it was all with hopes of having his friend party later this summer.
He requested brownies as his dessert. He isn't a big fan of birthday cake.

We haven't had the kids dress up for home church, Warren and Luke especially hate Sunday dress when there is normal church. We made them dress at least "nicer" for Easter Sunday, but they were immediately changing following our "meeting". Audrey stayed to at least take a picture with us.
We had a lovely Easter meal of ham, potatoes, rolls and koolaid, on our nice dishes.
Warren helping Audrey with her napkin over her dress.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Quarantine: Week Two

Week Two: this was our scheduled Spring Break, well the kids anyway. We were originally going to Utah, mostly to be able to present my workshop to a second audience, but that was canceled. I would do two sessions of my workshop via Zoom. It was not ideal, but there were other benefits, like reaching others that wouldn't have joined otherwise. 

In order to make Spring Break okay for the kids we came up with a new schedule/plan. We changed class time to baking hour, and planned family activities every night. I would bake with a different child each day and we played games and outdoor activities such as kickball and a bike ride. The week was also marked by dance parties and puzzles.
The first Sunday we just had church off, but for the second we had permission to do the Sacrament at home. Our ward also did a zoom meeting. We had a live ward zoom meeting, other than conference weekend, for about the first six weeks. Then we had prerecorded zoom meetings we could watch.

Grandma Stum and Raylynn recorded story times the kids would watch.
Bike ride with Audrey. We started as a family, but the boys quickly lost us, as I am out of shape and pulling Audrey.

Warren made banana bread, and I think cookies the next week.

Audrey helped with cookies.
Luke helped with muffins. 
Calvin chose to bake a cake.

Luke spends most of his time in pajamas. He would just put a coat on over them when he went outside to play. It takes a lot of cajoling for him to put day clothes on, let alone even just change his pajamas to clean ones.

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